Event Completed: Web Seminar: To Give or Not to Give it Back to Sri Lanka: Considerations, Concerns and Actions regarding the artefacts of colonial period

on Wednesday 24 May 2023, 12:30 to 14:30 hrs Netherlands and  16:00-18:00 hrs Sri Lanka time.

To commemorate 70 years of diplomatic relations between the Netherlands and Sri Lanka, the Netherlands Sri Lanka Foundation of the Netherlands and the  LDE Centre for Global Heritage and Development, Leiden University has and will organise  web seminars delving into different aspects of Dutch-Sri Lankan collaboration in the fields of research such as Heritage, Cultural Artefacts, Conflict & Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation and similar themes.

The present seminar will address issues related to restitution of artefacts of the colonial period. The demands for the restitution or return of cultural artefacts to their country of origin is surrounded by lots of controversy. However, there is potential for mutual learning, understanding the historical context and the significance, meaning and value of cultural artefacts of the colonial period. 
This seminar is about the Colonial Collections of Sri Lanka in the museums of the Netherlands. The speakers will provide an update on the state of affairs of restitution activities in the Netherlands and the general sentiments in Sri Lanka; touch on the (lack of or limited) provenance research and documentation of some these cultural artefacts. The processual concerns with regards to restitution and return. Finally the discussions will focus on the considerations and concerns that may be, or need to be, addressed so progress and actions are  encouraged in enabling the potential restitution/return of the cultural artefacts.

We have top speakers dealing with the highly debated topic of restitution of colonial artefacts.

There will be 1 expert from Sri Lanka and 1 from the Netherlands. The session will be moderated by Her Excellency Ms. Mr. Drs. Bonnie Horbach, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

Full details of programme HERE

Thank you for participating.