Past members of board

The work of the foundation would not have been possible without the support, perseverance and limitless enthusiasm of several persons. They have contributed towards the successful operations of the foundation in the past 40 years.

The following persons have been board members of Netherlands- Sri Lanka (Ceylon) foundation:

Mr Evert Jongens, Head of International Education NUFFIC, The Hague

Prof. Ir Lodovicus J. Mosterman, University of Delft

Dr Willem H. Van den Berge. Member, The Council of State (Raad van State), The Hague

Dr Igle Ponner, Head of Education, Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), Amsterdam

Drs Henricus F.W. Roothaert, Director Hotelplan, Oisterwijk, North Brabant.

Mr Frans H. Tunnissen, Director Unesco Centre, Amsterdam.

Dr J. Van Goor, former Senior Lecturer of History at Utrecht University

Drs P.J.J. de Bruijn, former Indologist Kern Institute, Leiden University,

Mr B.R. Körner, former Ambassador of the Netherlands in Sri Lanka

A.A.G. van Schaik, Publicist

Dr Lodewijk Wagenaar, Member, Former Senior Lecturer, University of Amsterdam

Prof. Dr. Remco Raben,  Professor, History & Art History,  University of Amsterdam and Utrecht University