1st Roundtable: Sri Lanka Update, 30 November 2018

1st Roundtable: Sri Lanka Update

The Netherlands – Sri Lanka Foundation organized its 1st roundtable:
Sri Lanka Update on 30 November 2018 at the Utrecht University.

The objective of the event was to bring together a community of researchers with a special interest in Sri Lanka studies, related to  the history of Sri Lanka or contemporary politics, economics and culture. This event was a part of the  wider objective of the Netherlands-Sri Lanka Foundation to promote social, cultural, economic, technological and academic relations and linkages between the Netherlands and Sri Lanka.

Key note presentations were:

  • Unmooring Sri Lanka studies in the 21st century
    Prof. Dr. Nira Wickramasinghe (Leiden University)
  • Devolution in practice: Taking stock of constitutional reform and power sharing 30 years after Indo-Lanka Accord
    Dr. Bart Klem (University of Melbourne),

The following researchers, in a brief pitch, presented their on-going work related to Sri Lanka:

  • Luc Bulten  (Radboud University, Nijmegen)
  • Kristina Hodelin  (Radboud University, Nijmegen)
  • Niels Terpstra (Utrecht University)
  • Theresa Leimpek  (University of Amsterdam and ZTH Zurich)
  • Bente de Leede  (Leiden University)

The presentations were followed by questions, lively discussions and exchange of ideas. The discussion also briefly explored the idea of developing further the network and encourage collaborative activities, where possible.

The participants found the roundtable update fruitful. They were willing to contribute and participate in future events of the Netherlands – Sri Lanka Foundation.

In summary the organizers look back at a very stimulating and encouraging event and hopes to continue organizing events in the future.

Therefore, interested persons are invited to email us with ideas.

The event was followed by a reception at a nearby trendy cafe.
All the participants enjoyed an evening of discussions and networking late into the night in Utrecht.

A photo impression of the Sri Lanka Update in Utrecht