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Stichting Nederland-Sri Lanka


In 1976 the “Stichting Nederland-Sri Lanka (Ceylon)” (Netherlands-Sri Lanka Foundation) was founded in The Hague in order to raise funds for the restoration of the former VOC-orphanage in Colombo.

After a successful campaign the building could be opened in 1982 as Dutch Period Museum by the then President Jayewardene.


Afterwards the Stichting concentrated its activities on:


* co-founding the Netherlands Alumni Association of Lanka (NAAL) which is joined by former members of international post-graduate courses in the Netherlands. The association has now over 500 members and is housed in the Dutch Period Museum.


* finding financial resources for the publications of NAAL (Netherlands Alumni Association of Lanka), like:

Sinhala Vocables of Dutch Origin by Dr P.B. Sannasgala; A book of Dutch Ceylon, links between Sri Lanka and the Netherlands by Dr R.L. Brohier; De Wolvendaalsche Kerk by Dr R.L.Brohier; The Netherlands Ceylon  Heritage by E. Jongens.


* creating in  1976 the twinning between the Dutch and Srilankan municipalities of Velsen and Galle. This twinning has proved to be a great success. Besides running a number of projects in  the fields of housing, community centres, waste management, computer training etc. much support was given after the tsunami of 2004. For the victims in Galle nearly one million euros were donated.


* giving information on Sri Lanka, preferably on bilateral relations in the fields of culture, education  and development cooperation.


The website of the Stichting Nederland Sri Lanka offers the largest collection of links on Sri Lanka on the internet.


The Stichting Nederland – Sri Lanka periodically awards the most promising academic theses, papers and essays related to Sri Lanka. Please contact us for more details.

For the time being the Stichting Nederland-Sri Lanka will mainly function as information and

advising centre.


The Stichting Nederland-Sri Lanka is independent, not subsidised and is run by volunteers.

Contributions are welcome and amount to at least € 15.- per year for private persons and  at least € 25.- for companies and institutions.






Dr J. Van Goor, former Senior Lecturer of History at Utrecht University, Chairman


Drs P.J.J. de Bruijn, former Indologist Kern Institute, Leiden University, Secretary


Prof. dr ir G.E. Frerks, Professor of Conflict Studies at Wageningen University


Mr B.R. Körner, former Ambassador of the Netherlands in Sri Lanka


A.A.G. van Schaik, Publicist


Dr L.J. Wagenaar, Amsterdam Historical Museum, senior curator; History Department, University of Amsterdam, lecturer








Dutch period museum




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